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Top 8,395 SEO Keywords for Movers

  Original Source: Keywords . Those magical inputs which always seem to show all your competitors above you.  At the very bottom, are the ones you need to avoid! Knowing is probably 15% of the battle, and the other 85% is executing on a strategy to actually get value from this list. Many of these are intuitive, but MoversBoost has over 135 active clients, which has given us a list of hundreds of thousands of keywords over the years. Patterns begin to emerge when you eat, sleep, and breathe search engine optimization for movers . This list can also be applied to Local Google Maps SEO for Movers . If you apply these keywords to 20 locations you service, you’ll have over 8,395 revenue producing keyword phrases for your moving company website. This is not including the nuanced long-tail keywords, which will naturally show with rare modifiers such as best, top, STATE FULL, STATE ABBREVIATION, and other semantically related phrases, bringing the